Your Special Day



This is your special day to do whatever pleases you.

And I really wish that I was there to celebrate with you.

For if I was there on your special day I’ll tell you what we’d do.


We’d start out early in the morning, right at the crack of dawn.

We’d take chairs, bait and tackle with our fishing poles under arm.

We’d find a nice and quiet place, it’d be like our private little pond.


There we’d stay for several hours, and catch a lot of fish.

Then we’s go home and prepare a tasty dish.

Just as if made to order, the granting of a wish.


Next we’d take your golfing supplies and head out to the links.

You’d have a perfect weather day, the best you’d ever had you’d think.

It’d be hard to keep track of all of the balls you’d sink.


Then we’d get the bowling supplies, and to the lanes we’d go.

Here again you’d do real well by putting on quite a show.

For all the pins would fall right down with every ball you’d throw.


So with a happy note the day would end.

And back home we would go, trying to hold the happiness in.

But all over your face it would show, and you’d have a happy grin.


Happy Birthday Pop,


Bonnie Jean


June 9, 2008


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