Your Baby Boy



Soon the nine long months will end

And a whole new life for you will begin

You will have your baby boy

And he will bring you so much joy

You’ll care for him, cuddle him, and spoil him some too

For this is what most people usually do

You won’t want him to grow up very fast

Your husband will think babyhood will never pass

But he’ll grow up before your eyes

Constantly changing his looks and size

He’ll get into mischief as most boys do

But with your patience you’ll get through

He’ll get scrapes and scratches and lots of bruises

While at the same time your heart he amuses

He’ll have a never ending string of “Mommy, why…?”

As you look into his trusting and questioning eyes

Then all too soon he’ll be grown

Going off and making a life of his own

He will add to the family tree

And so continue his destiny


Bonnie Jean


April of 1996

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