Writing Assignment



As I wait for the paint to dry

The tears swell up in my eyes


I don’t want to let them fall down my cheek

For fear I will be considered to be sissy and weak


But there is something going through my mind

Things are greatly different, it won’t be the same this time


For the first time in my life, when the bad news has come

There are others around me, I’m not alone


I don’t have to be scared, there’s nothing to fear

I’m not going to die, as long as I’m in here


My nurse said she’d help me, my feelings to sort and identify

To help me get them out and not stay bottled up inside


But they’ve been there inside me for oh so many years

I think when they come out, I’ll never be able to stop the tears


When grief hits you and you have to be alone

There’s no one to turn to because you can’t go home


This thing that has happened, no one can know

So all the grief you have, you cannot let go


You go on with life for a few more years

Then the same grief comes like a thief in the night

And hits youn hard and for a moment takes your sight

But like before, there can be no more tears


You go on with life for a longer span of years

For the third time this grief comes

But again there can be no more tears


But the third time is different, and in a way hurts even more

The support that should have been there, in a sense walked out the door


This grief that has to you three times come

Is hard to accept, pick up the pieces and go on


The grief should have been joy, but it soured instead

There should have been a new life, a beautiful bundle of joy and love

But death came like a thief, the new life to end instead


Bonnie Jean


February 3, 1988

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