When Your Chair Runs Out Of Charge


When your chair runs out of charge again and again,

You get disgusted and may be upset.

It puts you and those around in a bind,

And with legs and feet hanging, you move step by step.

As  your legs and feet get really tired,

You hope someone will give you a push.

Then a kind person steps up to do it.

You sort of get a happy little rush.

In your heart you feel so much gratitude,

The person you thank and tell them that you appreciate them.

Then you repeat it again and again.

You want to make sure they heard what you were saying.

Next you wish that you had money,

So new batteries you could buy.

Needless to say you’d be grateful,

If someone would give you second hand ones you could try.

In the meantime you just pray a lot,

That things will change and get better.

And if they do just that,

You and your friends praise God together.

Bonnie Jean

                              February 28, 2012

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