Wanda May 8, 1988


Warm is your spirit of being.

Affection with others you share.

Nurturing a desire for singing.

Drowning your own troubles and cares.

Accepting life’s stinging and snares.

Wanda, you are a great inspiration to me,

as I watch you in your walk of life.

You go on from day to day,

whether handed happiness or strife.

God works in mysterious ways,

His wonders to perform.

Why at this time in my life,

you have so quietly come.

As you can see from this card,

an artist I am not.

But if it’s the thought that counts,

that’s straight from my heart.

Pretty roses and flowers by the roadside,

I tried to draw for you.

But the picture in my mind,

to the paper from the pen did not come through.

I wanted it to be the best,

that I had ever done.

But it turned out so plain,

like all the other ones.

As you picked it up,

and it’s beauty you did see,

I wanted it to tell you,

what you mean to me.

I wanted you to feel the warmth,

and love that was hidden so deep within.

But it found its’ way out,

for a caring and loving friend.

This love that has come,

from the well deep inside,

Is a surprise to me,

for I thought the well had dried.

I thought that I was empty,

and had nothing left to give.

But God brought us closer together,

a new hope to me to give.

I will try to be a good friend,

for as long as we both shall live.

And try to show how grateful that to me ,

“hope” once again , you did give.

I have been on the down and out.

My life is such a mess.

But now to try to turn it around,

will be, as yet, the biggest test.

I did not feel that I deserved,

what I desired most,

To have a friend that would to me,

be oh so very close.

But now I see that I was wrong,

and God knows what is best.

And hope that through life’s journey,

our friendship will pass all the tests.

Thank You Wanda,

For Being My Friend,


Amanda Joy

                              May 8, 1988

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