To Bear My Cross April 27, 1990


Dear God, Help me to bear the cross that I’ve been given

In this life and body You’ve loaned me to live in

Help me to always honor Your Name

And never do anything to bring It shame

Help me to live out the rest of my days

Following the teachings of Your Ways

Help me to help others wherever there are needs

And in Your Garden of love and kindness, sow many seeds

Help me not to falter under my cross’s weight

Show me on Your Timetable Your answers are never too late

Dear God, my cross is so heavy now, I can hardly breathe

If You’re calling me home, give me peace that it’s time to leave

But if my time to leave, is not yet here

Please give me the strength my heavy cross to bear

I know You are my Father, that I’m a child of God

So help me not to falter, while down life’s path I trod

Thank You for giving me another beautiful day

And for sending Your Love unconditionally my way

Thank You for helping me bear the cross I’ve been given

And Thank You for lending me this life and body to live in

But Thank You most for the best gift anyone ever gave

When Your Son died my sinful life to save

Thank You With Love –

From One Of Your Children,

Bonnie Jean

April 27, 1990

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