This Past Father’s Day



This past Father’s Day

Was filled with many tears.

It was the first Father’s Day without Pop

In over thirty years

I missed him so very much

All I could do was cry, and cry and cry.

My heart hurt so bad, I thought it would break,

And I would just lie down and die.

The morning that he didn’t wake up,

was the biggest shock of my life.

I can’t imagine how it would have been,

If instead of his daughter I was his wife.

Obviously this year is going to be very hard,

Filled with many “hollow firsts”.

For being able to call him on the phone and talk to hin,

My heart aches and my whole body thirsts.

One thing I know , without any doubt

I loved my Pop very much.

And I am very sure

This “first” year is going to be so rough.


Pop, Love

Your Daughter,

Bonnie Jean


June 22, 2011

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