This Day


This day is one of many God has made for you and me.

He made it so that all the beauty and wonder we could plainly see.

We can feel His presence all around us and in most everything we do.

I can feel it, and if you’re still and quiet enough, so can you.

He just loves us all so very much.

That’s why He sends us His loving touch.

I know that my Heavenly Father above,

Is holding me in His arms of love.

Another thing I also know,

My Heavenly Father will never let me go.

He is like this on this day and tomorrow too,

For these are the things he’ll do for you.

You have to accept Him into your heart,

For all of this to magically start.

Now you’ve accepted Him into your heart,

of the family of the Heavenly Father you’re a part.


Bonnie Jean

May 21, 2011

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