The Snow Has Fallen


The snow has fallen to the ground

It never even made a sound

The rain falls with a patter pat

Snow falling never sounded like that

Everything is covered in a blanket of white

It’s a joy to look out on such a picturesque sight

On the streets are beautiful cars

All are equal and show no dents or flaws

Children don’t pay attention to the cold

Playing in the snow never gets old

Even dogs like the white fluff

For they dig around with their nose in the stuff

They come in with snow stuck to their fur

Shaking it off, looking like a big blur

For children, all too soon the snow fades

The sun comes out, and melts it away

Then they become grumpy and crabby

They definitely show that they are unhappy

Their Mom calls them inside, to learn to bake

Keeping them amazed by what they make

Bonnie Jean

                              January 16, 2012

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