The Prodigal Son – 12/10/18

The Prodigal Son

Most people have heard of the prodigal son.

How he took his inheritance and with it did run.

He went to places far and wide.

And had many “friends” by his side.

When the money was totally spent,

Away from his side all of his “friends” went.

Now the Father loved both of his sons very much,

And this love his heart did touch.

The younger son spent the money on wild women and wild things,

While the older son did all of the work, and kept his hands tight on the reins.

When the money was gone and famine hit,

The younger son went to his Father quick.

He asked for forgiveness, for what he had done,

And from his father, of the hired hands, he asked to be one.

But for his son to be a hired hand,

The Father would not let it happen on his land.

He forgave his son of what he had done wrong.

He killed the Fatted calf and celebrated with song.

The older son got upset about all of this.

But the Father told him everything was his,

The younger son once was dead, but now he lives.


December 10, 2018

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