The Police

The  Police

The police have a very important job to do.

They protect us in many ways, that goes for me and you.

Suspects are apprehended after a crime has been committed.

They stay there until and unless they are bonded out or acquitted.

At the scene of an accident the police are there,

To make sure for firemen and/or rescue squads the way is clear.

Sometimes they deliver babies, search for kidnapped people or children that are lost.

We take this all for granted and expect it, until one of their lives it cost.

But when something happens that is close to you or involves you,

Then you stop and think it all through.

March 16, 2008 was such a time,

Now they’ve changed a lot of minds.

There was a fire in the high rise,

The residents saw it with their own eyes.

Where there could have been panic and chaos with fear,

The police closed the roads and made sure all access for  firemen and

rescue was clear.

In a truly heartfelt and thankful attitude,

We residents owe you police a tremendous amount of gratitude.

Thank You From

Christ Church Apartments


                    April 19, 2008

Written by Bonnie Jean Hern

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