The Pink Bracelet I Wear



The pink bracelet I wear is special indeed,

As the meanings it has are many,

Only three words are on it that you’ll see,

But the people it stands for are plenty.

The word Walgreen’s, is in italics, to stand out.

In memory of those who have lost the fight.

The word Pink to be so short, can really shout.

To honor those loved ones and friends in remission,

(but its’ possible return is always in sight).

The word Promise, is last but not least, for my Mom.

My promise for her from me,

I’ll always be there, if only in prayer, or on the phone,

to cheer her along,

And wish that closer, in distance, I could be.

So I hope it’s obvious how important one little pink

bracelet can be to me,

Even though there are only three words upon it,

Walgreen’s Pink Promise”.

How important to one person, these three words can be.


With Love,

Bonnie Jean



October 17, 2010

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