The Firemen

The Firemen

Firemen have many jobs they must do,

In  a day of protecting me and you.

They are on the scene with the EMT

When there is a medical emergency.

They are there beside it,

When vehicles have collided.

they are there, the fury to try to contain.

When a wildfire is raging with smoke and flames.

They do these things for us all the time,

And daily put their life on the line.

gyft7You don’t think about it until something happens,

that is close to or involves you.

Then you stop and think it all through.was such a

  March 16, 2008 time.

Now they’ve changed a lot of minds.

There was a fire in the high rise,

The residents saw it with their own eyes.

So many fire trucks and firemen, the likes of which you seldom see.

You’d think there would be chaos and panic, but everything was as

organized as could be.

In a truly heartfelt and thankful attitude,

We residents owe you firemen a tremendous amount of gratitude.

Thank You From

Christ Church Apartments


          April 20, 2008

Written by Bonnie Jean Hern

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