The EMT’s

The  EMT’s

Emergency Medical Technician, EMT’s as they are called,

When it comes to saving your life, they can do it all.

From helping a lady having a baby, to saving someone that’s been shot,

Then help someone having an asthma attack, or someone in diabetic shock.

They rush to all kinds of accidents, to take the injured to be checked out.

This is true whether it be swimming, a vehicle, a boat, a plane, or a house.

Each day that they go to work, as they leave home,

They are placing the public’s lives before their own.

You don’t think about it until something happens close to or involving you.

Then you stop and think it all through.

March 16, 2008 was such a time.

Now they’ve changed a lot of minds.

There was a fire in the high rise,

The residents saw it with their own eyes.

Some residents had to be taken to the hospital, as well as the security guard.

The EMT’s also handed out blankets and sheets, seeing them in action, many

residents were awed.

In a truly heartfelt and thankful attitude,

We residents owe you EMT’s a tremendous amount of gratitude.

Thank You From

Christ Church Apartments


                     April 20, 2008

     Written by Bonnie Jean Hern

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