T  H  E     D  A  Y     I     L  O  S  T     M  Y     P  O  P
The day I lost my Pop, I lost my Mama too
Now she’ll be going to a nursing home, as she must do
I can no longer call her at home
At the nursing home she’ll be hard to get on the phone
I am already in so much pain
Things will never be the same
It hurts so really bad inside
All I want to do is cry
I miss my Mom so very much
Since Pop died it’s been really rough
She’s staying at my older brother’s home
This month is my birthday and I feel so alone
Pop was just so kind and sweet
I sure am glad my Mom and he did meet
They were so very much in love
Their union had to be blessed by the Father above
Having been married for 31 years
They shared much laughter and some tears
His dying has been so hard to take
Not just on family, but also on friends, make no mistake
He is going to be sorely missed
Especially by the Sr. Citizens he used to give a lift
Whenever they were going somewhere
They got Pop to take them there
Once Mama is in a nursing home
She’ll never be able to see her Sr. Citizen friends alone


I Miss You Both
Love Your Daughter
Bonnie Jean

March 16, 2011

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