The Candle Light



I did something special for me tonight

I lit a small candle and watched it’s flickering light


I watched as the flame seemed to be dancing

As things in the dark it’s light was enhancing


Then I watched the shadows upon the wall

At first they were big, then they were small


While things in my mind I began to ponder

How this small light could bring so much wonder


When did fire first come to be?

How can watching candle light be so relaxing to me?


How can a small candle light make such a big glow?

But a little flashlight shines so low?


Fire can be so helpful to man,

But one wild spark can ruin the land.


Then my thoughts were no longer so deep,

For I was so relaxed, I was falling asleep.


Amanda Joy

(pen name for Bonnie Jean)


This poem was published in Dusting Off Dreams by Quill Books


P.S.  I dedicate this to for being the fuel for my poetry site.



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