Thanksgiving Without Pop


The day to be thankful for all the things you’ve got.

Now thankful I am, but happy I’m not.

For this is the first thanksgiving without my Pop.

 This has been a year of missing firsts.

It’s made me sad and my heart hurt.

I’ve been so sad that at times I’ve been curt.

My Pop had been so very nice,

For thirty-one years of my life,

Being without him just doesn’t seem right.

I didn’t get to make my annual call,

To talk to Mom and Pop and all.

It’s like I felt my heart actually fall.

Although I miss him here below,

I would never want it to actually be so,

Even though our love to each other we could show.

My heart will now forever be sad.

I miss the wonderful times we had.

And how Mom and Pop made me so glad.

I know Pop sees me from above.

He sends down gracious love,

And envelopes me like a glove.


Bonnie Jean

                                   November 24, 2011

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