Tammy And Kevin September 17, 1988


Taking on more responsibility.

As you continue in your walk in life.

Marrying him and his family.

Making yourself his wife.

Yielding to his new responsibility.


Keep her ever close to you.

Enjoy the love God gave you to share.

Victory in life and marriage will come to you,

If you keep God at the center of the pair.

Not allowing disharmony to come to you.

The marriage vows are given by God,

And therefore sacred indeed.

You must strive daily the vows to keep.

And their message to heed.

There is no greater bond or better union than marriage,

In which to participate.

And to make it last and work,

Is a decision you both must make.

There is only one commitment,

More important than husband and wife.

And that’s to have Jesus in your heart,

As the Lord and Savior of your life.

So as the vows you both shall make,

This I want you to know,

I wish you both only the best,

And pray for your love to grow and grow.


Amanda Joy

September 17, 1988

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