Sue McGee September 21, 1977


Service to God the time to fill.

Understanding and unselfish to do God’s will.

Eager to do, and not be still.

Modest way of making things clear.

Caring about others throughout the year.

Giving of time is second nature.

Expressing things to make one spiritually mature.

Enjoying God’s presence all the way.

This is truly Sue McGee.

And all who know her will surely agree.

Sue I hope that you can easily see.

What a very special friend you’ve BEEN TO ME.I know our friendship had to be God’s will.

And He sent me to you my empty heart to fill.

I hope our friendship will never die.

And we’ll still be friends when we meet the Master on high.

These Thoughts by Amanda Joy,

are echoed by members of the

Rosemont Baptist Church Choir

                    September 21, 1977

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