Spring will arrive very soon.

Sleeping trees and flowers will awaken and bloom,

You will be able to see it everywhere.

The fresh new scent will be in the air.

First all that’s there is a little green.

Then the beautiful colors come on the scene.

Next come the birds and the bees,

To enjoy the awakening flowers and trees.

Animals awaken from their hibernation,

To join this wonderful celebration.

Soon the babies begin to arrive.

All of nature has truly “come alive”.

People also notice the change.

Things in their life they rearrange.

Adolescents give each other kisses and hugs,

When they first experience “puppy love”.

Adults join all of this newness too,

When their love for each other they renew.

At last all of the music you can hear.

And know that it’s truly the spring of the year.

Bonnie Jean

                   April 30, 2011

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