Snuggles is my service dog, that seems to be unique.

When asked what she does, and I answer, many people don’t believe.

She lets me know before it happens, that an asthma attack is on its way,

I do a breathing treatment and I’m perfectly OK.

If I don’t pay attention to her, and a treatment I don’t do,

Then, usually by ambulance, with sirens blaring, the nearest

hospital I’m taken to.

She knows when the “Service Dog” vest goes on, that she’s going to work,

She can’t be her “at home self, a playful little squirt”.

She’s really on “duty” 24 hours a day.

But at work she’s more at attention, to always be ready to alert me.

At home she’s more at play, but she’s still always ready to alert me.

I’ve had her since she was ten weeks old, and she taught herself what to do

When the doctor said she was a service dog and I was lucky,

I knew that it was true.

Even though she’s over thirteen years old, she’s still right on top.

When something happens to her and she’s gone, I think my

heart will stop.



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