Sharon May 19, 1987


Shared my feelings.

Held my hand.

Accepted me.

Regardless of how I an.

Opened my eyes.

Now the future to plan.

Sharon you really mean a lot to me.

A fact I hope you can see.

Helping me to try to ease my pain.

Being a support, a better life for me to gain.

Though the hurting comes from deep within,

To be able to release it, a victory to win.

I’m really going to miss you,

When the time comes for us to part.

But, I never will forget you,

For you’ll always be in my heart.

I hope, like you say, you’ll keep in touch,

For I know my road is going to be rough.

But I know I’ll make it, with you on my side.

After all comes out, no longer to hide.


Amanda Joy

                    May 19, 1987

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