Rhonda August 15, 1988


Reassuring in a time of need.

Helpful in words and deeds.

Others in her life come first.

Never losing faith or trust.

Daily in her prayers as she planned.

Accepts me just the way I am.

Rhonda, you’re a special friend.

Helping me through thick or thin.

Someday a new life to begin.

You’ve only known me for a few years.

And in that time shared happiness and tears.

And calmed me through some of my worst fears.

Daily your devotions use.

You hunger for goodness and truth.

Have maturity far beyond your youth.

Your love and caring are so sincere.

When you take me before God in prayer.

Some days I feel “the Presence everywhere.”

Thank you for your care and concern.

Even after all about me you did learn.

Your love and friendship have been so warm.


Amanda Joy

                    August 15, 1988

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