Reunion On High




Reunions are very special,

Even though some are years apart.

So are the memories of loved ones gone home.

They will always be in our heart.


Since our last reunion,

Six loved ones have been called home.

Vivian Craft and Wayne Barker

were the first to go on.

Then was Raymond Day and Earl Craft,

Who heard the Heavenly song.

Followed by Minnie Vee Day,

Then lastly Johnny Morris went along.


Many others passed on in the earlier years.

All are remembered in happiness and tears.

These were family members of all relations,

In cities and states across the nation.

They were Grandparents, Fathers  and Mothers,

Husbands , Wives, Sisters and Brothers.

Aunts and Uncles, Daughters and Sons,

Remembered in love, each and every one.


Amanda Joy

(pen name for Bonnie Hern)

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