P  O  P     “I  T     O  C  C  U  R  S    T  O    M  E”
At night I start to call you on the phone
It occurs to me, you and Mom are no longer home
I get ready to put things in a box to send to you
It occurs to me, it won’t go through
When I want to tell you something funny I heard
It occurs to me, you can’t hear a word
Pop I miss you so very much
It occurs to me, “I love you.” from me,
your ears will never again touch
I want to wrap my arms around you,
and give you a hug.
It occurs to me, this desire will forever
at my heartstrings tug
When I write a poem, and need you to hear it
It occurs to me, you never again can before I give it
I know you’re in a better place
It occurs to me, this fact, my sadness will not erase
You are missed the most by Mom and me
It occurs to me, how much I miss you,
most people are blind to see
When Mom goes to a nursing home
It occurs to me, for all intents and purposes,
We’ll both from the family, be alone
I am counting on what the Bible foretold
It occurs to me, then you’ll be walking
on the streets of gold
So sit up there and talk to God
It occurs to me, you’ll be walking where Jesus has trod


With Love
Your Daughter
Bonnie Jean


March 16, 2011

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