Having MRSA In The Hospital – 5/1/18

Having MRSA In The Hospital

When you get MRSA in the hospital,

You are in a group of your very own.

They move your roommate out,

Then you’re left alone.

They sanitize your room from top to bottom,

Trying to kill the germs, and they got ’em.

A sign is hung upon your door,

And a shelf with precautions galore.

There are gowns, gloves, and masks,

As well as a stethoscope and thermometer.

These are only used on you, so that in others the germ won’t occur.

This is done for everybody’s good,

A fact that should be easily understood.

Even though being alone makes you sad,

If you try, you can find things to make you glad.

One big one that you will see,

Is that you don’t have to worry about sound on the TV.

Also when you’re alone,

You don’t have to worry about calls on the phone.

So think about the new freedom you have,

And having MRSA won’t seem so bad.


May 1, 2018

T H E R A P Y – 5/7/18


Therapy is a necessary pain.

Helps you your mobility to regain.

Every day the pain gets less and less.

Ready your family and friends to impress.

Always setting another goal.

Preferring not to let pain take it’s toll.

You finally make it to your higher goal.

Therapy can be long and hard.

But at the end you reap your reward.

At times you think your goal you’ll never make.

You feel like your body no more pain can take.

Your therapist is there to help you along.

In your head you may hear a song.

Then your exercises you do to the beat.

Others join in because they think it’s neat.

At the end you finally arrive.

You feel the relief and exchange high fives.


May 7, 2018

N U R S E S – 6/3/18


Nice should be their middle name.

Understanding patients pain.

Reaching out to give patients care.

Sharing their medical knowledge when they are there.

Easing the patients time away from home.

Showing them they are not alone.

When patients are hospitalized they have fear.

The nurses pay attention to the fear they hear.

They give their patients the utmost care.

Helping their patients recuperate while there.

With pain and fear it’s hard to relax.

The nurse processes all of these facts.

She knows these are all hard to ignore.

Therefore, for these patients she opens a new door.

She does what she can to fill the immediate needs.

Then she begins to sow different seeds.

She tells them about new therapies to start.

And gives them hope a better life to start.


June 3, 2018

G R I E F – 7/28/13


Getting in touch with your inner self

Requesting from others understanding and help

Involve yourself in different things

Enveloping the feelings it brings

Free to laugh, cry or do anything

Grief is experienced in many ways,

By different people everyday.

Some get through it very quick,

For others, it’s throws, they just can’t lick.

Some people think the crying will never end,

For others the sorrow never begins.

Everybody needs to go at their own pace,

Because grief is not any kind of race.

Each person handles it differently.

A fact too many people refuse to see.

Ones who get through it in no time at all,

Are not the ones for sympathy to call.

If with grief you are stricken,

Call upon your Father in Heaven.

With Love In Christ,


July 28, 2013

Healing And Your Frame Of Mind – 5/6/18

Healing And Your Frame Of Mind

Your frame of mind affects your healing.

A bad frame of mind can set you reeling.

When you tell yourself you can’t do it,

There’s no way you’ll get through it.

You set yourself up to fail.

You can try as you may, but to no avail.

When you tell yourself that you’ll succeed

Then you’ve got the foundation that you need.

Be like the little engine that thought he could.

And your frame of mind will be what it should.

What you have to go through may be tough,

Bur your frame of mind will give you enough.

You may go through your trials fast,

And have happiness the rest of your life to last.

Or going through your trials may be slow,

But a good frame of mind will get you where you need to go.


May 6, 2018




Snuggles is my service dog, that seems to be unique.

When asked what she does, and I answer, many people don’t believe.

She lets me know before it happens, that an asthma attack is on its way,

I do a breathing treatment and I’m perfectly OK.

If I don’t pay attention to her, and a treatment I don’t do,

Then, usually by ambulance, with sirens blaring, the nearest

hospital I’m taken to.

She knows when the “Service Dog” vest goes on, that she’s going to work,

She can’t be her “at home self, a playful little squirt”.

She’s really on “duty” 24 hours a day.

But at work she’s more at attention, to always be ready to alert me.

At home she’s more at play, but she’s still always ready to alert me.

I’ve had her since she was ten weeks old, and she taught herself what to do

When the doctor said she was a service dog and I was lucky,

I knew that it was true.

Even though she’s over thirteen years old, she’s still right on top.

When something happens to her and she’s gone, I think my

heart will stop.



The Prodigal Son – 12/10/18

The Prodigal Son

Most people have heard of the prodigal son.

How he took his inheritance and with it did run.

He went to places far and wide.

And had many “friends” by his side.

When the money was totally spent,

Away from his side all of his “friends” went.

Now the Father loved both of his sons very much,

And this love his heart did touch.

The younger son spent the money on wild women and wild things,

While the older son did all of the work, and kept his hands tight on the reins.

When the money was gone and famine hit,

The younger son went to his Father quick.

He asked for forgiveness, for what he had done,

And from his father, of the hired hands, he asked to be one.

But for his son to be a hired hand,

The Father would not let it happen on his land.

He forgave his son of what he had done wrong.

He killed the Fatted calf and celebrated with song.

The older son got upset about all of this.

But the Father told him everything was his,

The younger son once was dead, but now he lives.


December 10, 2018

A True Friends True Colors

A  True  Friends  True  Colors


A friends true colors you will see

When someone goes down in front of thee!

Do you stop to give him aid?

Or is a bee line for the door what is made?

Are you just a good weather friend?

Or do you stay through thick or thin?

Are you only there when things are going right?

Do you comfort him through the turmoils and strife?

Are you there for him no matter what?

Or is a superficial friend all he’s got?

A true friend is one you can count on day or night.

Whether things are going bad or going all right.

A true friend will be there come sunshine or rain.

He will cry with you in your losses and rejoice in your gains.

The way it is said matters not.

As long as a true friend is what you’ve got.


Amanda Joy



Written March 8, 2015



Because You Served – For Memorial Day 2017


Because you served,

America is free.

That freedom is shared by almost everybody.


Because you served,

People can worship where they like,

any day of the week and even at night.


We can carry our Bible almost anywhere we go.

We can share our religion with those we want to know.


All of this is possible, because you served.


We appreciate it with all our heart.

And tell you with our words.

So please believe me when I say,

You are loved and appreciated, each and every day.

And I thank God for you every time I pray.


Love In Christ,

Amanda Joy

Written May 29, 2017 for Memorial Day

Carol – April 20, 2017


Carol from this life has passed.

She’ll walk the streets of gold at last.

She’s been so kind and loving

to her family and friends

Now her eternal life she will begin


Hearts are sad and eyes full of tears.

For Carol, whom they’ve loved for many years.

But they really shouldn’t be so sad.

They have fond memories to make them glad.


To help them get through every day,

Their Heavenly Father has provided a way.

Their Heavenly Father above,

Will reach down and hold them,

in His arms of love.


We Miss You And Love You Carol

From Your Friends

In loving memory of Carol, whom the Lord called home April 20, 2017.

Written by Bonnie Jean Hern