People In Your Path


When God puts people in your path,

It’s not always clear just what you have.

Some turn out to be really good friends,

Others are angels you’re glad you let in.

You make a decision, with which you have to live.

Sometimes you receive, other times you give.

There are times you have problems in your life.

You need help with the stresses and strife.

It’s hard to know from where the help will come,

Until after the helping has been done.

You are very grateful for the things they do,

And all of the ways that they help you.

When this happens you are truly amazed.

These people really do brighten your days.

Then the warmth fills your heart,

To know, in your life, God is a part.

Love One of Your Children,

Bonnie Jean

                         November 11, 2011

                         Thank you to all of the people God has put in my path, and you

                          know who you are.

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