PENNY September 30, 1988


                         P et of my heart.

                         E ver dear to me.

                         N ever any trouble.

                         N othing but company.

                         Y et very special to me.

                                    Penny I love you more than you know.

                                   I hope you understand all I’ve tried to show.

                                   I hope you’ve understood every hug or touch.

                                   You’ve been so very special and meant so very much.

                                   So soon the time come, I ‘ll have to let you go.

                                   I just had to tell you these things, so that you would know.

                                   To have a better pet, I could not succeed.

                                   You filled an empty spot and a need.

                                   But when at last the time should come,

                                   I have to say Good-Bye,

                                   I’ll try to know you’re better then,

                                   And have sweet memories when I cry.


I love you

                    For Peggy, to Penny by Amanda Joy.

                                      (pen name for Bonnie Jean)

            September 30, 1988

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