Our Hero March 31, 2008


Our apartment building has a hero,

of that there is no doubt.

In the apartment where the fire started,

he pulled the resident out.

The resident was smoking where there was oxygen,

and it could have cost her life.

He didn’t let that stop him though,

he went on and did what was right.

I’m talking about the security guard Charles,

and when he answered the “alarm” or “call”.

How he responded to it, hearing the blaring sound

and seeing the light on the wall.

Once the resident was safely out

and the firemen and rescue squads arrived,

In spite of smoke inhalation and personal injury,

he kept making sure all the others were safe and alive.

He did end up having to be taken to the hospital,

when the firemen noticed around his mouth was gray.

The doctors gave him shots of medicine, and told him

to go home and from the fire scene stay away.

Thank You Hero,

Bonnie Jean

March 31, 2008

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