Nobody Cares



Friends are around a lot of the time,

in your heart, your life and your mind.

But when you’re really hurting inside and out,

Friends seem to scatter all about.

It’s just nobody cares.

Nobody cares you are all alone.

Just don’t bother to call them on the phone.

They’ve heard your problems, all they can take.

They’re yours to sort now, your own bed to make.

Nobody cares if you just can’t cope.

They keep telling you don’t lose hope.

It doesn’t matter there seemed no hope there.

It just echoes back, nobody cares.

All understanding is gone since they can make it.

It makes no sense that you can’t take it.

Nobody cares you’re all mixed up.

It’s your problem with which you have to cope.

They just keep saying don’t give up.

Good weather friends are better than none.

But they’re not the best in the long run.

They never call you, you have to call them.

Are they really your friends?

It’s just nobody cares.

That is nobody here on earth.

But there is One who cared enough

To give you new life, through His Son by rebirth

So remember that the next time you’re really low.

Through prayer you can lay it at Jesus feet.

So His Father, to you, through Him, love can show.


August 1979.

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