Nicky October 15, 1988


Nature and art, similar but not the same.

Intelligence, mighty early, in you was seen.

Curiosity should have been your middle name.

Keeping to exploring, not playing any games.

Yielding to no one or no thing, and making it very plain.

You’ve always been “a self-made man”.

I don’t think you were ever a child.

With the answers you were right at hand.

Your temperament usually very mild.

In school you were called “a walking encyclopedia”,

You had so much knowledge in your head.

But in the books not much time was spent,

You were always busy with nature and art instead.

You were more than a brother to me.

You were also my closest friend .

Whenever I had a problem or wanted to talk,

You always let me in.


Amanda Joy

                    October 15, 1988

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