N U R S E S – 6/3/18


Nice should be their middle name.

Understanding patients pain.

Reaching out to give patients care.

Sharing their medical knowledge when they are there.

Easing the patients time away from home.

Showing them they are not alone.

When patients are hospitalized they have fear.

The nurses pay attention to the fear they hear.

They give their patients the utmost care.

Helping their patients recuperate while there.

With pain and fear it’s hard to relax.

The nurse processes all of these facts.

She knows these are all hard to ignore.

Therefore, for these patients she opens a new door.

She does what she can to fill the immediate needs.

Then she begins to sow different seeds.

She tells them about new therapies to start.

And gives them hope a better life to start.


June 3, 2018

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