M  Y    S  I  S  T  E  R
My sister is so dear to me
In such a special way
I don’t really know how to show her
Or exactly what I should say
I’ve tried many times to tell her
How much she means to me
But  she never paid attention
No expression of gratitude did I see
I just want her to know
How proud I am she’s mine
And ever since we were kids
Even though she’s younger
I’ve looked up to her all the time
She sings so beautiful
could listen to her for hours
If she was able to do a DVD for me
Then I’d bring it home to play
And all of a sudden I’d have that power
I wish that I lived closer
Not 12 hours or 675 miles away
Then I could see her and the family more often
About every 3 or 4 days
She’d probably get tired of me
And tell me to just  stay away
I Love My Sister,
Bonnie Jean Hern

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