My New Friends July 14, 1988


I am happy as happy can be with the new friends God has provided for me.

I know it has to be part of His perfect plan,

For they accept me and love me just the way I am.

They are going to help me, my finances to straighten out.

So that with enjoying life I can get about.

And I can tell, with other things they’re going to help me too.

I guess this was also in God’s plan for them to do.

I think they’re going to help show me my worth.

Something I don’t think I’ve known since my birth.

I was afraid my unusual situation they wouldn’t understand.

But I found out that wasn’t part of God’s plan.

I wrote a poem about my situation’s affect on me.

And through it, my unusual situation they did see,

They didn’t shame me, shun me, disbelieve me or turn me away.

But said that daily they would remember for me to pray,

Of this fact I was taken by surprise, and tears of joy came to my eyes.

For I know they love me, just like they said.

And will continue to work with them and by them be led.

Now once again there’s hope in my heart.

A new life to live, I’m ready to start.

I know the way is going to be hard and long.

But they’ll help me and I’ll want to sing along.

The past for me has been dark and gray.

But now I’ll see a much brighter day.

I know my financial situation won’t get straightened out overnight.

But at least now, I’m starting to see some light.

For over the past two years ‘ve not come to the top.

Now that too is all going to stop.

And with my new friends and God to help me along,

I know I’ll gain back my body and I’ll always be strong.

So Jack and Junolla, with this poem, I hope you can see,

You mean an awful lot to me.

And I promise I’ll always do my best, and hope I pass every test.

I’ll try to never let you down as I keep track of every penny, six pence or crown.

And I’ll try to never another purchase to make,

Before checking with you for my sake.

Now I want to thank you for all you’ve already done.

And hope you can see how far I’ve already come.

For the night you first saw me, I was in deep despair.

But now hope and happy brightness fills the air.

          July 14, 1988

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