My Birthday Today



My birthday today

was the worst I’ve had in years.

The fire on the  12Th floor Sunday

still has me angry and full of fear.

I only received

three cards from friends.

But, with no phone,

no calls could come in.

The new medicine the doctor put me on,

to calm me down, knocks me for a loop.

It’s impossible for me to stay awake,

and join in any group.

So to my apartment I have to come,

to stretch out across my bed.

Next thing I know it’s been hours,

before I raised my head.

And so it was for my birthday today,

as I might have known it would be.

I slept through most of it,

and only a few people said “Happy Birthday” to me.


Misty Allan

(pen name for Bonnie Jean)



March 22, 2008

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