Mom (5/07/05)


Mom, you are so dear to me,

I hope this fact is easy to see.

I hate that we live so far apart,

But know that you are always in my heart.

I try to call you every day,

Because you live so far away.

Every time I see something with a butterfly,

For you that thing I want to buy.

I know you like them very much,

And I want and try always your heart to touch.

I would love to write you poems about them every day,

But the words just don’t seem to come my way.

So the next best thing that I can do,

Is try to make the daily calls to you.

So know that each and every day,

I send love and happiness always your way.

Growing up, playing games with you was so much fun,

For Christmas and birthdays I could hardly wait to come.

Now always know that this is true,

I will never stop loving and appreciating you.

Love Always,

Bonnie Jean

May 7, 2005 for Mother’s Day.

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