Mom (5/14/06)


Mom you mean so much to me,

Much more than words can ever express.

I love you more and more each day,

with a special love,

that only your children can possess.

I can’t explain the wonder I feel,

and have always felt inside,

when I look up and see

the love and magic in your eyes.

With a Mom as wonderful as you in my life,

I can see why little boys

want their Mommie to be their wife.

You held me as a crying baby,

cleaned my skinned up knees,

treated my childhood illnesses,

and helped ease “puppy love” miseries.

I could keep going for who knows how long,

and if I were a musician, make it a song.

But I’m your daughter,

one of your children who loves you a lot,

so with that, and all that I’ve said before, I’ll stop.


Bonnie Jean

                              May 14, 2006

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