Ma Poe’s House


Ma Poe’s House was the family home.

Her nine children lived there till grown.

Then the grandchildren came along.

The great-grandchildren were the next to come.

Each one grew up and had fun when they were there,

For at Ma Poe’s house the little ones hadn’t a care.

  There were so many things to do and see.

Ma Poe’s house was the place to be.

When my sister, my older brother,

and I got too noisy inside,

Then Ma Poe called her pets to our side.

The dogs are what we liked the best.

Because each one of us got to pick his pet.

I picked the big fluffy one with the

pretty fluffy black eye,

And called him Fluff Button,

for obvious reasons why.

My sister’s dog was Blackie, and my

brother’s dog was spot.

All three of us loved our dog, for many years,

a lot.

I Loved Ma Poe’s


Bonnie Jean


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