Lori July 25, 1988


Love from deep within her heart.

Others she thinks of from the start,

Rewards to receive never plays a part.

Interest in learning will never stop.

Lori, you are special in so many ways..

You always brighten so many people’s days.

By knowing just what to do and say.

Knowing where, when and how to speak,

Is a God given talent and quite a feat,

To be thankful for and always to keep.

Just as important is when to be seen and not heard,

To be attentive and listen to the others’ words,

And yet by your silence not be hurt.

lori, all of these talents you possess.

And in working with others you pass every test.

Truly by your Lord you have been richly blessed.

Ain all of this I hope you see,

You mean a lot to me.

And by our closeness I’ll much better be.


Amanda Joy

                         July 25, 1988

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