Loneliness November 20, 1973


For a person to be lonely is really quite bad.

Loneliness fills the heart with aching and makes one quite sad.

A person will always know when he is alone.

When he looks around him and feels all others are gone.

For people to be there, it does no good.

Because loneliness is hard to be understood

This person needs someone, but not anyone will do.

This person needs someone to whom he can get through.

He has very deep feelings that need to come out.

But hes afraid to let them, his mind is in doubt.

He is worried about others, what they will say, think, or do.

More worried about that than what he should do.

He should sit down and think,for a very long while.

Come to a good sound conclusion, and top it with a smile.

For if a person can be confident and smile in what he’s to do,

Then it will be easier and more probable for others to go along too.

There is only one, to whom we can all go.

He is a friend that all should have and know.

He is the one whom we should all know.

He is the one whom we all should love.

For He is our Heavenly Father above.

                    November 20, 1973

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