Laura August 6, 1988


Love she gives unconditional and free

Accepting all she’s learned about me.

Understanding my really deep needs.

Responsive as she can possibly be.

Advising in the ways she sees.

Laura, I’m so glad we’ve gotten back in touch.

You’re really helping me now, while the road is oh so rough.

I just wish it hadn’t have been so long.

But even so, our love and friendship is still very strong.

If things could have been what I dreamed them to be.

We would have been even closer family.

For I would have moved in where you did live.

And another sister to you would give.

I always loved you so very much,

And that way we never would lose touch.

But things always turn out good in the end.

For now we’re not only cousins, but close friends.


Amanda Joy

                    August 6, 1988

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