Kirsten April 25, 2008


K ind as any person you would want to meet.

I nterested in those she sees.

R are the qualities she possesses.

S ees others needs and these she addresses.

T he people’s pets she talks to and gently caresses.

E veryday is different from the one before.

N urse is her profession, going to each patient’s home and door.

Kirsten is a very good nurse,

I hope that’s easy to see.

I broke my arm about a week ago,

Now she comes twice daily to me.

She watched and listened very carefully,

When I instructed her about what had to be done.

She wasn’t upset or insulted,

And didn’t think I was implying she was dumb.

When she comes to do her job,

She’s careful not to hurt me or cause me pain.

I really do appreciate that,

Because I feel like on her I’m not a drain.

Thank You,

Amanda Joy

(pen name for Bonnie Jean)

April 25, 2008

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