Judy’s And Don’s April 13, 1989


Judys and Dons is my favorite place,

In all the world I know,

When on my vacation it’s time to go.

And if by chance I don’t get there,

before my vacation is through,

I don’t feel like it was much of a vacation,

And I wasted my time and my money too.

For theirs is the only stable  family,

Of which I’ve been lucky to be a small part.

And have only good and happy memories,

To fill my mind and soothe my heart.

For I know that Christ is the center of this happy loving home.

And for time to be able to stay there I can hardly wait to come.

For Judy and Don and their family,

Are the best things that ever happened in my life.

And they have stayed by me and loved me,

Whether in happiness, turmoil or strife.

                    I’ll always love all of you.

                    April 13, 1989

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