Jonathan October 15, 1988


Joy to your Mom and Dad.

Obviously for you they’re glad.

Now they won’t be lonely or sad.

And for your sisters too they’re glad.

Together you make a family.

Hearts full of love and very happy.

Angelic with open arms you greet me.

Now that’s a pleasant thing to see.

Jonathan, I love you so very much,

As I hope you already know.

I visit and call as often as I can,

So my love to you I can show.

I wish I didn’t live so far away,

So we could be together a whole lot more.

I could see you and your sisters everyday,

And we’d sit and play on the floor.

I put up the pictures you color for me.

I put them on the refrigerator door.

They are there for all others to see,

Until you give me more.

When I visit you, I go with you to Sunday School,

Where many Bible Stories you hear,

Where you learn about the Golden Rule,

And God’s love for everybody everywhere.


Amanda Joy

                    To my nephew.

                              October 15, 1988

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