Jerry December 31, 1988



Just the one she always dreamed of.

Everlasting for her is your love.

Regularly you go out together.

Regardless of the day, time, or weather.

Jerry, you’re so kind and good.

Why she fell for you is easily understood.

She loves you for you, and what’s in your heart.

And if you ask,me, that’s the most important part.

As a husband, you’re high on the list.

And as a grandfather, you’re also tops.

So to have you as a mate, she couldn’t miss.

And the grandchildren love their Grandpop.

You come in smiling,

And brighten the day.

So anything beguiling,

You’ll just chase away.

So keep on being,

The person you are.

And in this life,

I know you’ll go far.

With Love,

Amanda Joy

                    December 31, 1988

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