In A Shelter



Staying in a shelter, is very different indeed.

It’s something you have to experience to really see.

First came the storm, leaving ice clinging to trees.

Next came the power loss, through most of the city.


Then the shelters opened, providing safety, warmth and food.

Helping those in need, a service that was very good.

Volunteers came, helping however they could.

Even the children were behaving, just as they should.


When nighttime came, it was time for bed.

Everyone was tired, after the confusion and being well fed.

Out came cots,and air mattresses to rest tired bodies and heads.

Some could retire alone, others (like myself) had to be helped and led.


Morning came, giving us a brand new day.

How would everybody act, what would they do and say.

It was organized chaos, with volunteers everywhere, and children at play.

But people settled in to survive the long stay.


I Survived,

Bonnie Jean


February 2003

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