I Long For A Time August 28, 2007


I long for a time long ago

When I was only three years old

I want to go back to when

My Grandpa loved me so much then

He’d put me up upon his knees

And tell such wonderful stories to me

There was always a jingle in his pockets

And a smile upon his face

Things in my memory

That no one can erase

He’d hold me and give me

A big bear hug

Engulfing my whole body

Like a floor, covered by a rug

I didn’t know anything

About days, weeks, or time

All that I knew as a toddler of three

Was that my Grandpa really loved me

My heart is aching

I’m so so sad

I wand to go back

To the first good memory I had

But I have to keep this

Really deep within

I can only tell this

To my very best friend

Misty Allan

(pen name for Bonnie Jean)

August 28, 2007

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