I Cried



After a while my tears I dried

And found out that for an hour and a half I had cried

I’m not sure what all I cried about

I didn’t know there was so much to come out

Things were spinning around in my head

My body was so tired, I just wanted to go to bed

At first I thought I saw my dog out of the corner of my eye

That’s probably why for so long I cried

Because after seeing her, I knew I had had to put her to sleep

So the crying really started out as a weep

Then I remembered my Uncle and my Nanny too

That’s when all the crying really came through

The tears I shed aren’t for me

But for those I’ll no longer see

How do I make the crying help me out

When I don’t always know what all the crying is always about

I really want the crying times to do me some good

But that’s hard to do when the reason isn’t understood


I Want The Crying To Help,

Bonnie Jean


August 28, 2010




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