Hush Little Baby August 14, 1990

Hush little baby, don’t say a word
I know your body hurts and hurts
I know your Daddy does you wrong
But I can’t stop him ’cause he’s too strong
I’ll just sing so you won’t cry
Then Daddy won’t spank you when he walks by
You can’t understand what I say
But I’ll still love you any way
You’re as sweet as you can be
I wish your sweetness they could see
But all they know is you cry and cry
And nobody really talks about why
Why they treat you so bad I don’t know
But I sure wish away your Daddy would go
All he does is treat you mean
And that’s why you just cry and scream
You just cry till you’re all cried out
And Daddy spanks you and screams and shouts
Nobody knows when this will end
Because it just keeps happening again and again
But you just know that I love you
No matter what your body may do
And I’ll stay right here in your mind
Letting you know that someone is kind
So close your eyes now and don’t you weep
I’ll stay with you while you sleep
Bonnie Jean
August 14, 1990

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