Healing And Your Frame Of Mind – 5/6/18

Healing And Your Frame Of Mind

Your frame of mind affects your healing.

A bad frame of mind can set you reeling.

When you tell yourself you can’t do it,

There’s no way you’ll get through it.

You set yourself up to fail.

You can try as you may, but to no avail.

When you tell yourself that you’ll succeed

Then you’ve got the foundation that you need.

Be like the little engine that thought he could.

And your frame of mind will be what it should.

What you have to go through may be tough,

Bur your frame of mind will give you enough.

You may go through your trials fast,

And have happiness the rest of your life to last.

Or going through your trials may be slow,

But a good frame of mind will get you where you need to go.


May 6, 2018

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